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Patty Mills is an Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander NBA basketball player who is currently a guard for the San Antonio Spurs. For My People documents Patty’s professional and private life including traditional dancing on a tiny island in the Torres Strait to playing professionally against the best basketball players in the world. Patty’s journey into the NBA is unique & will inspire not only basketball fans around the globe, but anyone who dreams big.

Original Music

Hayden Smith 

“When you talk about giving hope to kids, this is a tremendous example. He’s an Indigenous kid from Canberra who worked his butt off and made it”


Directed by: Rush @ Rush Entertainment Group
Producer: Rush
D.O.P: Rush
D.O.P Assistant: Tim McCartney
Editor: Rush
Original Music: Hayden Smith
Assistant: Jospeh Purdam
BTS Photographer: Michelle Grace Hunder & Alex Stevens

Behind the scenes